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  • Made To Measure

  • Over 300 Décors Across many Materials

  • High Quality Aluminium Frames & Tracks In A Choice Of 3 Colours

  • Choice Of 4 Colour Frames

  • Multiple Door Panelling Options

  • Integrated Soft Close On Every Door

  • Glide Doors Can Be Printed With Any Bespoke Image You Wish, Creating A Truly Unique Set Of Doors

  • From re-fits on existing structure to installing a custom built colour co-ordinated interior and sliding doors

  • Customised storage solutions and accessories

Fitted Furniture

  • Made to measure bespoke bedroom furniture. Utilising all space.

  • Rigid built carcasses.

  • Carcasses manufactured in Scotland from German sourced materials.

  • Carcass Interiors are colour co-ordinated with the door and drawer fronts.

  • Soft close doors and drawers fitted as standard.

  • Facings and doors manufactured locally.

  • Door style and colours are interchangeable so YOU can choose your own individual and exclusive furniture.

  • Soft close doors and drawers fitted as standard.

  • All this supplied as standard with no additional costs.

Glide Sliding Doors

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